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Lessons of Secrets of Silicon Valley

What is the message behind the documentary Secrets of Silicon Valley?

This one-hour documentary takes on a couple of different issues. One is the social impact of high-tech lifestyles, and how our high-tech lives affect the world at large, our health, and the communities in which we live.

What we see as the documentary plays out is also how our economic standing impacts our place in society and how we’re perceived.

While technology makes business more easily globalized, <strong>there’s another side to it. It’s not all about the flexibility and customization that technology gives us (we can pick our best Internet plans, television packages and even have advertising catered to us online).

What will it say to you?

We don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but Secrets of Silicon Valley gives a glimpse of the temporary assembly line worker, an existence that includes low pay and no degree of job security, while closeby, on the upper end of Silicon Valley, rich businessmen and plugged in media outlets exist without such insecurities and hardships.

We suggest you watch the documentary with friends or family, then discuss what it meant to you. There are a few good reviews online of this documentary, and you can find the best internet provider deals.

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Did The Secrets Of Silicon Valley Ever Achieve Notable Recognition?

With a deep love of all things technology the American population simple does not know about the dark underbelly of one of the wealthiest and high-end areas of the country. Silicon Valley is home to thousands of technology companies. Apple, Microsoft and a myriad of other recognizable brands have all set up shop in Silicon Valley. “Secrets of Silicon Valley” is a non-narrated documentary that takes a look at two of the small time players in the tech world; a manager of a computer training program and a migrant worker. Both have their own stories about the dark world of the technology age.

The film is a gripping and interesting look at the world of high-tech and how it affects the low-income population of the world, but for some reason the film never garnered a great amount of attention. It, like many other expose-style documentaries, received a good amount of internet-hype but lacked the backing of large production companies to truly reach the masses. There are thousands of truly astounding documentaries mad each year that never reach high viewership, but their message and production remain important. To check out this and other similar films do a quick internet search and you will find a myriad of documentaries that can be viewed online.

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